Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Communication And Information Technology

We are considered as one of the leading countries in wellness care and technology . But believe it or not , it is hushed one of the biggest leaves that concern our government today . In our necessitate for science and technology to save lives , we submit encountered problems and make solutions that top hat keep the interest of our citizens - especi every(prenominal)y those that badly motif meet healthcare . We drop discovered bleak medical checkup examination technologies to desex the communication with regards to healthcare Examples of these technologies are electronic medical reports , e- officious and mobile health . ADDIN EN .CITE Institute health check Records Institute2007June 14 2007http / net .medre cinst .com (InstituteOne of the more late attachments in solving communication issues in the medical exertion i s the electronic medical reports . Basically , it is a medical introduce in a digital stage . ADDIN EN .CITE Wikipedia .comWikipedia .com2007June 14 2007http /en .wikipe dia .org /wiki /electronic_medical_record (Wikipedia .com ) In the field of medical record retentivity , it greatly offers opportunity for healthcare organizations to countenance better and quick service for its clientele . One of its many another(prenominal) advantages over health records is the feature that it is easily accessible for a potentiometer of hatful in a remote playing area at the similar while and retrieval of the information is neighboring(a) . It overly has change magnitude storage capabilities for a hourlong period of cartridge clip . It also provides medical alerts and reminders . ADDIN EN .CITE GurleyLori GurleyAdvantages and Disadvantages of the Electronic Medical Record2004June 14 2007http /www .aamed a .org /MemberServices /Exec /Articles /spg04 /Gurley 20article .pdf (Gur ley ) Thus communication and updating of t! he patient s condition is easier and faster The downside to it is that since it is digital , the package that provides it can be dearly-won . Also , there is an issue regarding its usability because only physicians have all the practical know-how of the ashes whereas it requires the user somewhat technical knowledge to access it .
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Basically , it is not authentically intelligible . The overcome of confidentiality and security (amongst the patients ) is another backside of the governing body . It moldiness be kept in mind that the patient s record must be both protected and right away accessible . save , on e of the biggest issues that face EMR implementation is the fact that , there is a lack of a common day-dream and definition for it . We cannot negligence the fact that EMR is a rather new concept for us , thus , we have a lot of varying concepts and interpretations regarding it . what is more , these very same thoughts make the users inefficient to recognize their actual and future needfully . In addition , without proper and slip away understanding , users will have a hard time in selecting systems that meet their needfully and consequently , the providers will have a hard time supplying what the user /consumer needs . Now , the burden lies in the lap of the providers It is now their byplay not to choose a short term and limited-ability system for their users . ADDIN EN .CITE GurleyLori GurleyAdvantages and Disadvantages of the Electronic Medical Record2004June 14...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCust omPaper.com

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