Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cyclops and Cyclones

The cyclone is one the most force outful natural disaster on earth. The cyclone is a mixture of cold and warm winds that just about an sum creating a moving tunnel of air. In the Odyssey, by Homer, the genus genus Cyclopes atomic number 18 very much like cyclones in their world power and power and are two able-bodied to hurl teras and heavy on whim and ejectt be stopped by any obstacles. The Cyclopes and cyclones share the im mense power to hurl large objects like toys. In the Odyssey, Odysseus tricked a daphnia into a drunken slumber and blinded it with a spear. The Cyclops in his double fury broke a hill top and heaved to at us, (769) while Odysseus was trying to escape. It caused the commit to become beached onto the shoreline. A cyclone is also able to do this feat. A cyclone is able to lift up debris by the revolving winds and forget it up to a mile away. This example shows how powerful twain the Cyclops and cyclone re aloney are. The Cyclops and a cy clone share or so other similarity but for different reasons. They are twain tre workforcedous in strength and size compared to the things around them. The Cyclops is commodious and powerful compared to all the life in the Odyssey. He was able to remove barriers and blame down obstacles in his way.
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Odysseuss men werent able to take down the beast rake if they tried. A cyclone is the same in this aspect. A cyclone is able to all in all wipe out any woodland or tear down any infrastructure in its way and cant be stopped by any engine room we have now. This is the reason why many people business organiza tion the Cyclops in the Odyssey and why we f! ear cyclones in this world. The Cyclops and a cyclone are very similar in their power and destructiveness compared to the world around them. They are both very redoubted in their power they handle on whim and their size to the humans. This shows why the Cyclops is a fearsome beast in Odyssey or even in this world.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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