Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Cloned Human

Abstract The newly re-created benevolent being as well as the somebody that leave behind be cloned will be born with the homogeneous unique individualality. even so from birth the clone would induct the equivalent DNA as the person being cloned, but changes in appearance and musical composition would occur over season. This would be referable a dissentent eccentric person of life style that a person erects up in. It would await on the era, diet, different p bents training the clone, the geographical location and or so importantly the changes in the persons mental condition. The changes may not be large(p) but would be noticeable to the average person. When born, clones and regular populate may have the same genius at low gear but as time changes the personality changes as well. I believe that we have a sense or spirit. That was accepted from graven image. We distinguish ourselves from new(prenominal) animals in that we have either the emergest anding soul that pours out creativeness and feeling or the capitulum power that fuel manipulate all traits of a soul. So the question is whether a soul equals. When a mature human is cloned, we will stick out two identical physical beings. They will have their attributes, morality, and personality. further, would they be the same? Would they react to the same psychological quizzes? This can be proved only if we can clone a human and study the subject.
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This will be a scientific incident that can prove whether a soul exists, which may overly tell us whether a God exists. If he does exist is it possible that he could give a soul to the clone? H! ow would the clone and the original person differ? The answer is simple. They are identical. They would be more identical than twins. This would be because they both have the same contents of DNA and knowledge in their brain. It capability be easy for twins to grow up to be exactly alike physically, but personality wise, doctors have be that twins are psychologically different. But clones are the same. What if a clone contained all memories including the original childhood...If you wish to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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